Need a Great Gift for a Man?s Man? a 5.11 Tactical Bag Might Be Just the Ticket

Some of the hunkiest guys are actually kind of fussy about their accessories. Not that they’ll ever use the word “accessories.” Nope. The men I’ve got in mind refer to the stuff that must meet their standards as their “gear.” We’re talking about the kind of everyday stud for whom a 5.11 tactical bag was made!

You might feel a little out of the loop on these bags, because 5.11 Tactical doesn’t make gear yet that’s quite chic enough to be considered for girls, rather than more unisex. Not that I can’t see the right kind of woman rocking a 5.11 bag on the right day! But mostly, their stuff looks and feels like serious equipment.

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Looking for a Company to Install a New Suspended Ceiling

1966 Chevy Nova Interior Photo 7 I am looking for a company that will be able to install a new suspended ceiling in my office, and I am hoping that I will be able to get it done for a fairly cheap price, because this expense was not foreseen. One of my workers accidentally broke one of the tiles above his office space, and I looked on the Internet in order to try and find a replacement for the tile that was broken, but it does not seem that they make the same style of ceiling tiles any more, and as the ceiling tiles are pretty old anyway, I guess I might as well just get the whole ceiling replaced.

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How to Make a Woman Happy?

I wish one of you guys could tell me how to really make a woman happy. I have been with my fair share of girls and women in the past decade and a half. I used to think I knew how to make a woman happy in bed, but lately I am beginning to think there is something wrong with my wife. We used to do it all of the time, at least a dozen times per week when we were newlyweds. Then over the past couple of years things really started cooling down. It could be that some of it was my fault, I am not some movie star with all of the romance novel qualities you might wish for. I do try hard and it was good enough for quite awhile.

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