Trusting the Word of a Friend over That of a Complete Stranger

african mango weightloss diet Pure African Mango ReviewsThere is nothing that is as convincing as word-of-mouth advertising. The reason why word-of-mouth advertising is such of a powerful thing is because it is usually passed on between people who trust each other. So for example, if a good friend of yours comes up to and says you should sit down and you should read the african mango supplement review, it is likely that you are going to take them on their word, and at least sit down and read the review. Now it is not 100% guaranteed, that you’re going to purchase a product or that you’re going to like the product, but at least you’re going to give the review a chance simply because the person that told you to read it was someone that you trusted.

For this reason, many companies are turning to social media networks as a way to advertise their products.

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