Almost Done with the Home Sale

I had to help out this young couple with a lot of the process. They just did not realize what they had to do. Of course I had a big interest in getting this done and it was not a big deal for me to help them out for this. I had to explain to them where to get the loan and stuff that they needed to do. They did not understand why they needed home insurance, so I went out on the internet with them. You can go to a place like and they have a lot of the information about it. What it boils down to is that you can take all the risks you want, so long as you are paying cash for a house. Obviously there are very few people who can break out the fifty or a hundred thousand dollars it takes to get into the smallest house on the market.

You have to borrow some of the money at the least and the bank that lends you the money is going to insist upon you buying home insurance. They are doing this because that home insurance is going to pay them back the money they lent you if there is a disaster or a crime which results in your house getting destroyed some way or another. It is all that simple, they want to get the money back and they do not care if it comes from you or an insurance company. You can not blame them when you think about it. In fact I just want to get all of this behind us. This house was perfect for us when we were a first time home owner, but once you get more than one kid it is just not big enough for the job.

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