Lawyer Specializing in Personal Injury

Getting into a car accident is something that I never thought would happen to me, to be honest. But here I am in the hospital, because of just that. I guess it was silly to think that I would never get into an accident. I thought I was a good driver, but really, that doesn’t make much of a difference if someone causes the wreck. Right now I need legal counsel and would like to find a personal injury lawyer in ajax to represent me in this matter. I would very much like to talk to a lawyer today, so I am going to look online, and try to find contact information for one. I want to find one that specializes in car accidents, or at least personal injury matters.

It would really be ncie to get a good lawyer, because I intend to try to get as much money as possible out of this accident. I have been hurt pretty badly and so I think that i deserve a lot of money. Plus there is the mere fact that I am pretty angry about the accident. I did not do anything wrong from a driving perspective and now some idiot has put me in the hospital. The driver was hurt worse than I was, but it turns out that he was driving without a license. I am glad that the car had insurance on it anyway, or I would be screwed right now. Yeah, it could have ended a lot worse for me, but it is not like it has been a picnic. No, it has been pretty terrible, and one of the reasons is that I have always hated hospitals. Now I am stuck in one for now, and I am not even really sure when they are going to release me from the hospital.

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