My Parents Were in a Car Accident

My parents were on their way to church not long ago when another driver crashed into them. The other driver had a medical emergency, which made me feel bad for that person, but he should never have been driving in the first place because of his medical condition. Both of my parents were severely injured in the accident, and I knew that I was going to need to find a good auto accident injury attorney in Sacramento to help us with the mess that sure to follow. I did not want my parents to worry at all because they had enough going on with their injuries.

My dad was hospitalized for three weeks and then went to rehab where he stayed nearly six more weeks. My mom was in the hospital for just a few days after emergency surgery, and she moved in with me since she was not able to take care of herself until her broken arms healed. I was angry, frustrated, hurt, crushed and a dozen other emotions, and I just did not know which way to turn. Thankfully, my husband contacted a good lawyer who is an expert in cases like this to help us navigate our way though the nightmare.

Both of my parents are back home now, and they actually seem stronger in some ways. My dad is always going to have problems though and will probably never drive again. My mom is so afraid to even be in a car because of what happened, and she is still seeing a counselor for post traumatic stress. I am just thankful that the attorney is handling everything, and it looks like my parents are going to be taken care of for the rest of their lives. It also helps that the person who caused all of this damage has had his license permanently taken away.

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