Paying Less for Home Electricity Rates with Stream Energy

We just up and switched over to Stream Energy in Texas. We were here about six months before I even knew we could switch electric suppliers. We had the utilities turned on from across the country where we were moving from. We flew out to Texas, found the house, put down our deposit and worked out the mortgage and other things while getting ready to move from our old home. Phone calls and credit card deposits got the electricity and other utilities put in our name. I never bothered so much with all of the fine print because we were busy moving. I figured I would look at it all later or my wife would. We got busy with our new jobs and just forgot.

We were kind of surprised at how much things were costing us. Where we were from, the rates for our utilities were lower. Then I was mentioning the differences at work one day when a coworker asked me what electricity supplier I had. I did not know what he meant. He thought I knew about how we could choose our own supplier here. I didn’t know about it. I thought you got whatever electric company was in the area you moved to.

That little bit of information was really helpful. I already knew what we were paying per kilowatt hour. After all, I had watched that bill get more expensive as the months went by. As soon as it got hot outside, the air conditioning was running around the clock. Then the electric bill for the summer months shot up like a rocket. Being able to pay a lower kilowatt hour rate helped us save a significant amount off of our monthly residential electric bill. Sometimes I think about how much money we spent for nothing during that first six months here, but I guess there is no use crying over spilled milk.

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