The Wife Loves My Body

My wife was really impressed with my body after I started taking Somatodrol. I didn’t tell her that I was taking the supplement. I wanted to keep it a secret and have her think that it was all because of me. I learned about the supplement from a couple of my friends. They started taking it when they heard about its benefits, and told me how well it worked for them, so I tried it, and I must say the results have been great. My body used to be a flabby, out of shape mess, but now I have the body of a professional athlete.

When I started talking the supplement, I adhered to a strict workout plan and diet for building muscle. I kept my cardio exercises to a minimum, because they would have interfered with my muscle building activities. A lot of my exercises consisted of variations of push ups, pull ups, and weight lifts. It was pretty hard at the beginning, because I hadn’t done any exercise in a long time, and my body wasn’t used to it. After the first day I was pretty sore and had to skip a couple of days. Eventually my body got used to it.

As each day passed, I lost weight and gained muscle in its place. My old clothes didn’t fit anymore and I had to replace them with slimmer ones, or do some alterations to my existing ones so they wouldn’t fall off me. When I wake up in the morning now, I begin the day by doing 100 push ups. Before the supplement, I had never been able to do that many push ups. At maximum, I would have been able to do 20 before falling to the ground and gasping for air. I’ve come a long way, and I intend to stay that way.

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